Travel Journal

Just go as far as you could..

Traveling does not mean you need to spend as much as how many bucks to do that. Responsible traveling will take you to places you wanted. Yes, by responsible means planning your own trip, doing your own research, creating your own itinerary. Well, I find it very challenging since you have to balance the time the money and your energy in traveling. Some of us think of traveling as our great escape from our normal life but for me, it’s always been a challenge. I believe challenges comes with a great adventure! Yes, sure it does 🙂

Conquering mountains

I started to climb around April of last year (2016) and has already conquered 5 Mountains.  The highest mountain I climbed was 1846 metersMt. Ulap in Benguet and is often described as mini Mt. Pulag a neighboring mountain and has a height of 2,922 meters above sea level.


When the sky meets the sea