Diy Itinerary: Bohol tour for 4k in 4 days!!!

A must visit places in Bohol

Day tour around Tagbilaran

First stop is the Rio Verde Floating Resto in Loay, which in my opinion, has a more picturesque view while eating your buffet lunch. Around 20 minutes from Loay is the famous Loboc where we can find the 3 famous tourist spot the Loboc Church, Man made Forest and Tarsier Conservation Area. Last stop is the Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol, 55km from Tagbilaran City.

How to get to Rio Verde in Loay?

There are 2 options if you wanted to go to Loay without spending as much as Php 1,200 to 3000 for renting a tricycle or a car. One, you can ride a tricycle for Php 15 each in going to Dao Terminal (that is if you came from Tagbilaran). The said terminal is only 10 minutes away from Tagbilaran Airport. If you’re in a hurry, the second option will be to either ride a shuttle or a bus. You can ride a shuttle for Php 90 which will approximately take 20 minutes to Loay. Or you can ride the bus for Php 55. However, waiting for the seats to be occupied (it will depend on the number of passengers tho!) will eat a lot of your time. You can also ask the driver to drop you off the Rio Verde Floating Restaurant. Although, it is best for solo travelers and those who are new to Bohol or in any place to use Waze or Google map. If you want to make your traveling more fun, don’t depend too much on the locals. Stress out for a bit! That’s part of the adventure of traveling to unfamiliar places!

Spotting the famous resto will be as easy as pie since the Rio Verde entrance is beside the main road. At the entrance, you will have to pay a separate fee to DENR for Php 50. Before boarding, customers will have to choose between an ordinary and High-end buffet. The ordinary buffet will only cost you Php 392. Senior citizens & children who are 4-6 years old will pay a discounted rate of Php 205 each and children aged 3 years and below are free!!! Amazing!!

The High-end buffet includes sea food that is being offered for Php 500. There’s not much of a difference between the ordinary and high-end buffet. The difference, in my opinion, is that a lot of foreigners prefer the sea food menu. You will get to enjoy the food, the music, and the river view.

Good food! Good Music! Picturesque view in Rio Verde Floating Resto, Loay, Bohol.

Also, part of the Loay itinerary was to drop by at the Ati’s Village.

Next stop is the tourist spots in Loboc! I suggest you find a habal-habal (a motorcycle that is used as a public transportation vehicle) that will drop you off to these major tourist attractions. We were actually offered a package tour that is worth Php 250. This package tour is good for two people. The first stop was the Loboc church. Sadly, the second oldest church in Bohol was struck by an earthquake on 2013. What made me sadder was the fact that I… accidentally deleted the pictures I have of this church!! 😭😭

Along the way, you will have to pass by a gloomy area called the Man-made Forest. The famous road is surrounded by tall trees, thus the gloomy atmosphere. You can make a request to the habal-habal driver to stop for a while, in order for you to get a quick shot. I swear this is the most challenging shot during the trip! Hahaha. You will know when you get there.

Last attraction in Loboc is the Tarsier Conservation Area located in Barangay Upper Bonbon, Loboc town. The regular entrance fee is Php 60 and the senior citizens and students will only have to pay Php 50. There are only 6 tarsiers that are allowed for viewing. Although, the staff said that there’s a lot of them in the breeding area.

Last stop in the Southern part of the Bohol day tour is the country’s third National Geological Monument, the Chocolate hills. It is located in Loay Interior Road, Carmen, Bohol. I suggest you take a bus from Tarsier Conservation Area in Loboc to Chocolate hills. It will only take you half an hour to get there. The fare might be lesser than Php 50 but I am not so sure tho! I guess it’s cheaper since the fare from Chocolate hills to Dao Terminal is only Php 55.

Upon arriving, you will have to pay Php 50 for the entrance fee. A little hiking will take you 10 minutes up to the viewing deck. Or if you’re too lazy, you can also call for a habal-habal around the area. You can enjoy the area and if you want to do some extreme adventure, you will be able to rent an ATV that will cost you for Php 450 each. Makes your tour more adventurous, aye?

Enjoying Panglao Island

In the evening, you can either ride a jeepney that is a few meters away from the terminal or ride a habalhabal from Dao Terminal to Panglao, which if I may add, is more convenient if you want to look around for a resort or a hotel in Panglao.  A habal-habal ride from Tagbilaran City to Tiwala, Panglao will only take around 30 minutes. You can get great deals but it will also depend on your bargaining skills. Haha! We were actually offered a ride that costs Php 100 each for the passenger fare. There are no buses or shuttles available in the terminal since, according to one of the locales, they only have a few passengers going to Panglao.

Arrival in Panglao

We originally booked a room in one of the resorts around Tiwala but ended up checking in Sea Breeze, a 5 minute away hostel to Alona Beach. I personally like to recommend this place! It has a great ambiance and not just that! This place offers the most important thing to every one of us, especially for me, a FAST INTERNET. Yes, you read it right. I was able to watch my favorite K-drama during my stay there. Kinain ng sistema mga bes even when traveling. Hahaha!!

Our room is so relaxing, clean and vibrant. It is an air-conditioned room that has 1 double-deck and a double-size bed for only Php 850 per night. Also, it has a separate comfort room and a shower room.  I and my travel buddy actually experienced anxiety when leaving our room which was really weird, y’know? Another sad thing is… I forgot to take pictures of our room. 😭 They also offer the dormitory type rooms for solo travelers for Php 500/night. Most of their guests are foreigners. Well, we saw a lot of foreign tourists in Bohol. There’s the Chinese, Taiwanese, British, Russian, American and even our Oppa’s & Unnie’s are there too! Exciting right?

To be honest, the itinerary that I followed through was not actually my original itinerary. If you experienced Panglao first hand, you will likely deter from your original plans! It’s entirely up to you if you’ll follow this. Here we go!

Day tour in Panglao Island

We first planned to tour around Panglao. In the morning, we decided to go to the beach to feel the sea breeze. I can’t even imagine how big Panglao is! Really! It’s like Camiguin.

To make your Panglao tour easier, it is best to rent a scooter for as low as Php 450/day. Again, the price will depend on your bargaining skills! Hihihi. Just a tip: bargaining or negotiating is a must when traveling. You can rent scooters in Alona or in any inn since some of them even offer it. We visited some of the beaches around Panglao, the Hinagdanan Cave in Duis, and lastly was the Bee Farm.

Hinagdanan Cave is an underground cave that is located in Bingag, Dauis, Bohol. Although, its beauty comes with a great difficulty! And I’m not kidding when I say that it is really hard to take photos in this cave even when you have a camera with a flash. To make up for that, you are allowed to swim in this beautiful place for only Php 70! Take note tho, the Php 70 is an additional charge and the regular entrance fee is actually Php 50.

Welcome to Bohol Bee Farm in Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island and here’s what they can offer.

You can also enjoy the Bee Farm’s Organic Restaurant. It has a scenic view that will be best explained by this line “When the sun meets the sea”. Indeed, it literally calls me yet we chose to dine and enjoy the view instead.

Alona Beach

Last part of our itinerary is Alona Beach! A beach that I believe every diver and beach bum will love. There’s a lot of resorts around Alona, one of which is the famous Hennan Resort with a jaw dropping facility. You can also enjoy island hopping in Virgin Island and Balicasag. We got an offer for Php 400 for the island hopping trip but we decided to stay in Alona to make the most of our time there. It gives off a serene atmosphere to the point that you just want to stay there all day.

While waiting for the sunset, we decided to stroll around the beach, enjoy the clear blue sea and the powdered sand. Compared to the restos along Alona Highway, the restaurants around the beach is much more expensive.

In going back to Tagbilaran City, it’s either you ride a Jeepney or a habal-habal. If you’re lucky, there’s also shuttles around the area whose route goes to Tagbilaran. The fare is only Php 30.

Tips: There are a lot of souvenir shops everywhere in each tourist spot. You can find cheap ones in Chocolate Hills and a variety of souvenirs in Tarsier Conservation Area. Before going to the airport, we decided to drop off at the BQ mall, which the locals recommended since we were searching for Calamay. There’s also affordable refrigerator magnets and other souvenirs available.

Additional tip: If you plan to stay in Tagbilaran City, you can check in here in Newport Oak Pension Inn located in M Torralba St, Tagbilaran City. It is good for two people for Php 700 for an overnight stay (check out is at 12nn).

Thank you for reading my blog! Here’s A breakdown of our Bohol trip. Enjoy!!




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